Lucky 88

Lucky 88 pokies review: free game

Lucky 88 is a five-reel video pokie offering free spins, special characters, additional multipliers of combinations, risky odds game and other great functions.

About Lucky 88 free pokies

For many Chinese, the figure eight is a symbol of luck and prosperity. This superstition is connected with the fact that its pronunciation is consonant with how the word β€œwealth” is pronounced. The confidence that the eight promotes the success of any undertaking is so strong that even at the highest state level in China they prefer to enlist the support of fortune. The best example of this is the date of the beginning of the Olympic Games in China. Recall that their official opening took place at 8 hours 8 minutes and 8 seconds on 8.08.2008.

Probably, having read about this, you already guessed that the free pokie machine Lucky 88 is dedicated to the eight in the Chinese culture. This is a colorful model from Aristocrat with a variety of functions and unparalleled graphics.

General Description

You can play lucky 88 online for real money, but the game can offer free spins, special characters, additional multipliers of combinations, risky odds game and other functions as well.

Playing the Lucky 88 pokie machine is allowed on any number of active lines up to twenty-five. When playing on all lines, the bet on the line can be equal to 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1 or 2 euro. On the back in Lucky 88 is accepted no more than fifty euros.

The Lucky 88 pokie screen also has an additional button that launches the game on twenty-five lines with an additional bet at the rate of one fifth of the base bet. It gives you the right to participate in the bonus round if the desired combination is created on the screen.

Winning combinations in the Lucky 88 pokie machine with free download are considered sequentially located on the adjacent drums the same picture. Of course, they should be located on the active line, and also start from the first drum on the left. The paid combination should not consist entirely of symbols that are part of a more valuable combination. In other words, from each line only the biggest win is credited.

The payout in the free pokies Lucky 88 depends on the bet on the line. It multiplies the combination factor specified in the special table. It is interesting that in most of the coefficients there are eight (x18, x38, x48, x58 and others). The largest factor is x888. We will continue to discuss the exceptions.

In the video pokie Lucky 88 there is a game according to the odds, sustained in the traditional style. In it you need to guess the color or suit of a closed card. Correctly specify the color – double the win. Guess the suit – the amount will increase fourfold. If you make a mistake, lose money. In one round, you can play up to five times in a row (without the right to make a mistake).

The manufacturer does not provide data on the theoretical return of the video pokie Lucky 88.


On the screen of the Lucky 88 app you can see various animals and objects that in the minds of most people are associated with the culture of China. In addition, there you can see the letters and numbers denoting the values ​​of the playing cards.

In the pokie Lucky 88 there are also special symbols Wild (Chinese Emperor) and Scatter (red paper lantern with golden hieroglyphics).

Wild not only forms combinations according to the usual rules, but also replaces the usual pictures (except Scatter), if this can help to get the win. By combinations with Wild the payout is increased by an additional multiplier. It is determined randomly and can be as follows: x2, x3, x5, x8, x18, x38 or x88.

Scatter forms combinations, regardless of the location on the screen and the number of active lines. Two, three, four, or five such symbols that are somewhere on the drums give a win of one, two, eight or one hundred and eighty-eight total bets.

If the game is played with an additional bet on all lines, three or more Scatter also launch a bonus round. Lucky 88 pokie free download is available for pC and smartphones.

Bonuses for play lucky 88 online free

In the bonus round of the Lucky 88 pokie app or web-game you will need to choose between free spins or a thematic game. Briefly describe them.

Free-backs are available in different versions, differing in number and additional multiplier on combinations with Wild:

  • 25 spins with a multiplier of x5 or x18
  • 15 spins with multiplier x8 or x38
  • 8 spins with a factor of x18 or x88
  • 4 spin with multiplier x88

In the free round, the same rate applies as in the previous spin. It can be extended.

If you give preference to the bonus game, you will throw special dice. Details of this game will not be disclosed. It is intuitive, and you only have to throw dice, so you can not make a mistake.


In the Lucky 88 pokies there is no progressive jackpot.

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